andRcon 1.9.3

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Full Call of Duty Black Ops support!

andRcon is a Remote Console for game servers, it allows you to change your game server settings and execute any rcon command. The application also has built in features to help you kick, ban and talk to players in your game server all in a few taps.

In the main view of the app you can add all of your servers quickly so you can later access them in a single tap.

After selecting a server you'll have a tabbed interface with the follow views:

- Control Centre in which you'll be able to kick and ban players, write messages and execute any custom commands.
- Player List where you'll see all current players on your server. You can tap a player's name to see his ping, score and have the ability to quickly kick and ban him.
- Server Info includes will show information about server: number of current players in the server, max number of players, map name, game type (depends on the game), whether the server is password protected and finally, punkbuster status (depends on game).

In the Server Info tab you can also access the command logs by clicking the menu button and then "Command Logs", where you will see the date, ip, command and command value sent to the server.

Currently andRcon supports the following games:

- Call of Duty
- Call of Duty 2
- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- Call of Duty 5: World at War
- Call of Duty: Black Ops
- Counter-Strike
- Counter-Strike Source
- Day of Defeat
- Day of Defeat Source
- Team Fortress 2
- Half Life 2: Deathmatch


- Other games using the Quake3/Source/Valve engine can be used, by selecting another game (COD/CSS/CS respectively) however this is not supported.

If you have an iOS device you can also check out iRcon, which is a similar tool to andRcon, just created for iOS. You can find it in the App Store.

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